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The Moth Pit


so thats what moths are doing

this is the best


it’s a father son kinda thing ;)

I pierced my nipples.

Most painful piercing I’ve gotten to date.




This broke my heart.


“You’re in my veins, you fuck.”

Pete Doherty says that this was the best text message he’d ever gotten from Kate Moss; she also wrote it on a wall of his bedroom in her own blood.

Of course they know.

[That Vulture article from April 2013]

Yesterday was weird.

1) Yesterday was Tonya’s birthday. Me and Andrea had been planning a surprise party for her for weeks. The plan was to get everyone together at Round Table for pizza and beer. So we got everything and everyone taken care of but Tonya had no idea. She had been super bummed all day because she thought we all forgot so we all just played it off. And then Andrea nonchalantly asked her if she wanted to get pizza after work and she did so we all got there 10-20 minutes before her. There were like 25 of us and a big ol cake and balloons and presents. When she walked in we yelled happy birthday and she just goes “shut the fuck up no way.” And starts crying. She’s never had a surprise party before. But it was great. There was a cake fight and everything.

2) Will and Dylan brought their mom. She sat a seat away from me and Dylan sat next to her on the other side, two seats away. All I could do was look at him and hate myself for letting him go and not taking his offer. I know it would’ve turned into something more. His mom though. I love her. She came over to me and started rubbing my back and goes “Hey sweetie. Long time no see.” And it was all I could do to answer politely without mentioning her son. As he was leaving he just walks up and hugs me. I was just like what are you doing? But I hugged him back and I dunno. It just makes me feel even crazier for passing up the opportunity to be with him. Am I a fucking lunatic?

3) Me and Tonya have been playing up the “lesbian lovers” rumors but it’s starting to get out of hand. Her entire family thinks we’re together. Like her sister had this big heart to heart with her about it last night. I think it’s funny as hell. I’m just excited for it to reach my parents. That’s gonna be fun haha.

4) I was the last one to leave Round Table besides Tonya and her family and I guess after I left one of the younger, hotter employees told Tonya to tell me that he thinks I’m beautiful and that I totally rock the side shave. Tonya got him to give her his number to give to me. Idk I just thought it was cool because nothing like that ever happens to me.

So yeah it was a long day.

And today I’m getting my nipples pierced after work. Expect updates.

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